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DR Costume Test - Hakukaji by TwinEnigma DR Costume Test - Hakukaji by TwinEnigma
6 of 6 in the series of Costume Tests for the DR In Memoriam OC ninja.

Hakukaji the Thunder Blade at 4, 11, and 17 respectively

At 4, Hakukaji is one of the many orphans in the Konoha Orphanage. He's a moderately active child, but seems to get bored with learning tasks fairly easily. At this time, he knows his future teammates only as 'that weird kid' (Rinji) and 'honored daughter' (Hana) respectively. He likes to play go and it is around this time he learns he is allergic to fish.

Hakukaji, at 11, has become a bit arrogant, due to his natural intelligence and gift for strategy. He easily made it into the top-ranked students in his class and is a bit annoyed with the team selection he landed. He is eager to learn new ninjutsu, but repeatedly exasperated by the way Hana seems to constantly fall behind due to her poor chakra control, Rinji's near constant timidity and moreso when their jounin sensei insists upon teaching them the seemingly useless Oiroke techniques.

By 17, Hakukaji has gained some much needed humility. Although he and Hana continue to butt heads on some elements of strategy, he has proved quite adept at leading their team. He will often use ninjitsu that enhances or supplements his sword skills in addition to broad-range elemental jutsu. He can still be a bit clueless about his teammates from time to time, but he's well aware of Rinji's crush and is trying to get Hana to realize it.

Hakukaji's primary element is lightning and his secondary element is water. He is a sword specialist, with additional specialization in close to medium range combat and ninjutsu. He likes Korean BBQ and is never without his hat and goggles.

Art Notes: Yay, now that I am all unpacked/moved in, I can FINALLY POST THIS! Hakukaji's colors for his slacks were a bit of an issue - originally he was supposed to have white slacks at 17, but that looked weird with the bandages. I think I may loose the bandages and change his sandals to the higher-cut sandals like the ones Naruto is wearing in Shippuden. GOGGLES ARE GOGGLEY. :B He looks weird without them as a little kid.

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August 30, 2007
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